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Trucks and SUVs constituted 83% of Ford Q2 US sales

Trucks and SUVs totaled 83% of Ford’s Q2 US sales—4 percentage points higher than year ago, and growing quarter ending transaction prices by $1,500 to $36,400 per vehicle.

Overall, Ford vehicle sales fell 4.1% in Q2 to 650,336; however, truck sales jumped 7.5% to 324,243 units. SUV sales fell 8.6% to 215,898 units, and car sales plummeted 21.4% to 110,195 units.

Total Q2 F-Series sales passed the 230,000 mark. F-Series transaction pricing was solid at $47,500 per truck—$1,200 higher than a year ago and $2,500 above the segment average. Ranger retail sales have grown every month since January, adding 20,880 trucks to Ford’s total pickup truck sales for the quarter. Q2 Ranger sales more than doubled relative to first quarter results.



The Big-3 are quick converting to high energy consuming light trucks and SUVs. This will leave the future efficient e-car market to EU, Japan and China?

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