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Continental is presenting its third generation of electric powertrains at the IAA 2019, with the new, very high-performance, light and compact axle drive set to take to the roads in various electric models from several Chinese and European manufacturers later this year.

Highly integrated means that the new high-voltage drive combines electric motor, power electronics and reduction gear in a single housing. This makes the Continental Powertrain division one of very few system suppliers to offer a complete, electrified powertrain from a single source.


New axle drive unit.

Continental began development work in 2006 on an electric drive that was used in an electric car from a European manufacturer from 2011. It was not only years of expertise in electric drives that went into the new, now market-ready, third-generation of the axle drive, but also experience from long-standing everyday use of this technology.

With their systems expertise, Powertrain engineers were able to further improve the interaction between the individual components, consisting of the electric motor, power electronics and transmission, and synchronize them optimally—and also optimize installation space and weight. The new axle drive now weighs less than 80 kilograms. The function of an electric parking lock has now been integrated into the transmission.

The new, more powerful axle drive offers not only an outstanding driving experience, but also a favorable cost level—numerous cable connections and connectors, for example, are no longer necessary thanks to the smart combination of the components, with a focus on integration.

We offer the highly integrated axle drive in two performance levels, with 120 kW or 150 kW. The new, high-voltage drive, comprising electric motor, power electronics and reduction gear, has also reached a previously unseen level of development.

—Thomas Stierle, head of the Hybrid Electric Vehicle business unit of the Powertrain division

With output of up to 150 kW and a maximum torque of up to 310 N·m, the new electric axle drive is roughly equivalent to a conventional two-liter turbo-diesel engine. The electric motor and power electronics of the new system are liquid-cooled.

Due to its size, performance data and characteristics, the axle drive from Continental is suitable for numerous vehicle classes and concepts. Specifically, the drive module will take to the road in a small European car and several compact SUVs from Asian manufacturers later this year.

In addition to these new electric vehicles from traditional OEMs, the new Continental technology is setting the Sion electric vehicle from German start-up Sono Motors in motion. The Sion is the first series-produced electric vehicle to have solar cells integrated into its body. The car thereby produces electric energy self-sufficiently, extending its range.

Production of the car, the electronics architecture of which is prepared for innovative sharing concepts, will begin in the coming year. The partnership between Continental and Sono Motors is oriented toward the long term, covering the Sion’s entire life cycle.

Series production of the new axle drive used worldwide will begin at the Continental plant in Tianjin, China, in the third quarter of 2019. The reason for hosting production in China is that it means proximity to what is currently the largest and fastest-growing market for electric vehicles, coupled with the strong supplier chain that Continental has established in China.


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