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Toyota Motor Europe sold 578,400 vehicles 1H 2019; 52% hybrids

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) reported half-year sales of 578,400 vehicles across the region, up 3.3% year-on-year and registering a 5.3% market share. Hybrids drove the strong performance between January and June 2019, with total hybrid sales of 303,400 units (+18% year-on-year), or 52% of the total.

The first half of the year has been vibrant for us with no less than four model launches progressively introduced during this period. Despite the weaker European market, Toyota & Lexus sales have increased thanks to strong demand for our hybrid models. We were confident to continue to grow our sales and market share this year but demand is even higher than our expectations. This strong performance will continue in the second half of the year and we are on track to exceed our total Toyota and Lexus sales objective of 1,065,000 this year due to the strength of our hybrid order bank.

—Matt Harrison, TME Executive Vice President

Customers are responding very well to the new Corolla Hatchback and Touring Sports, which are now available with two hybrid electric powertrains: 1.8L – 122 hp and 2.0L - 180hp (as part of Toyota’s dual-hybrid strategy). The combined hybrid mix is 83%. And the Corolla Sedan is for the first time also available with a hybrid electric powertrain that represents about 50% of the new model sales.

Demand is also strong for the new RAV4 and for the new premium crossover Lexus UX, with hybrid electric mix of 72% and 92% respectively.

The new Camry that has been successfully launched this year in Western Europe is sold exclusively with a hybrid electric powertrain.

Other models such as the Toyota C-HR Hybrid, and Yaris Hybrid have achieved record sales, also supporting the strong performance of HEVs.

Lexus sales increased by 5% versus last year, thanks to the good performance of the Lexus ES and the new Lexus UX.

For this period, the HEV share of TME sales stands at 52% across Greater Europe, and at 62% in Western Europe only.



Toyota is doing a great service by introducing non-EV enthusiasts to battery technology. People were once fearful of the Prius technology. People seem to be asking, "where can I charge" instead of "how much does it cost to replace the battery".

This generation of hybrid owners will be less fearful of buying a pure EV next time around.

That is at least how I see it.


Toyota is still the KING of HYBRIDS. Will TMC do as well with near future extended range BEVs and FCEVs?


In 2000 they only sold 5 Prius in London, come a long way.


If they are the king of hybrids,are they the pageboy of BEVs? Maybe they will be the king of fuel cell vehicles but it probably be like being the king of Andorra.

Christos Dimou

The winner of Dieselgate in Europe? Toyota! They didn't want to invest in small Diesel engines. Dieselgate paved the way for getting a share from the economy conscious driver without having to gamble.


TMC will mass produce high quality BEVs as soon as batteries performance has improved, closer to 500 Wh/Kg and price moved closer to $100/kWh.

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