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Canada awarding $4.6M to Petro-Canada for cross-country EV fast-charging network

The Government of Canada is awarding $4.6-million to Petro-Canada, a Suncor business, for building 92 electric vehicle (EV) fast chargers in its coast-to-coast network.

The first completed station, in Stewiacke, Nova Scotia, will be part of a larger network of more than 50 Petro-Canada locations, each with two charging units on site.

This is part of the Government of Canada’s $182.5-million investment to build a coast-to-coast charging network for electric vehicles and support other zero- and low-carbon demonstration and deployment projects.

More than 500 fast chargers are built or planned this year, with hundreds more expected over the next two years. Through Budget 2019, a further $130 million is being invested in charging infrastructure, and a new incentive, worth up to $5,000, is available for Canadians who purchase or lease a zero-emission vehicle.



To combine fast e-charging facilities with existing gas stations is probably the lowest cost way to do it.

The same could be done with near future H2 stations?

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