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Orange EV and California-based Super Store Industries (SSI) announced the deployment of Orange EV T-Series pure electric terminal trucks to multiple SSI facilities, supporting both grocery distribution and dairy and beverage manufacturing.


SSI’s first Orange EV yard truck was immediately deployed into heavy service, operating up to 19 hours per day. Replacing just one heavy use yard truck with an Orange EV electric can eliminate up to 166 tons of CO2 and 1.7 tons of NOx annually.

Super Store Industries leveraged funds from the California Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP) to purchase their Orange EV trucks. HVIP is currently open, enabling Orange EV discounts of up to $165,000 per T-Series electric terminal truck and up to $30,000 per truck voucher for charging equipment.

Super Store Industries is the first dairy manufacturer in the U.S. to deploy a pure-electric Class 8 truck. SSI is taking the lead, eliminating emissions with 100% electric yard trucks while reducing costs and accelerating payback. Orange EV trucks cost less in fuel, maintenance, and other diesel-related costs, and when operated in California, can generate a significant additional income stream.

—Mike Saxton, Orange EV Chief Commercial Officer

SSI is registering its Orange EV electric trucks in California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) marketable carbon credit trading program. By operating yard trucks with a cleaner power source (i.e., electric vs. diesel), SSI will earn LCFS credits for each metric ton of CO2 reduced. At current market prices and fleet-reported electricity usage, fleets operating Orange EV yard trucks are expected to be paid up to $12,000 per truck annually from LCFS credit proceeds.


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