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Adamas: Tesla on track to exceed 20 GWh deployed by 2019 year-end; 22% of passenger EV capacity in May

In May 2019, the Tesla Model 3 alone was responsible for 16% of all passenger EV battery capacity deployed globally versus 4% for the second-ranked BYD Yuan and 3% for the fifth-ranked Nissan Leaf, according to Adamas Intelligence’s latest “EV Battery Capacity Monthly” report.

Collectively, the Tesla Model 3, Model X and Model S were responsible for 22% of all passenger EV battery capacity deployed globally in May 2019 versus just 18% a year ago—a boost driven entirely by rising sales of the Model 3.

In the first five months of 2018, there was just a single month in which Tesla deployed more than 1 GWh of EV battery capacity, while over the first five months of this year there have been three, speaking to the automaker’s growing appetite for li-ion cells.

From January through May of this year, mor than 7 GWh of battery capacity was deployed globally in Tesla EVs. Inferring from the company’s strong Q3/Q4 sales record, Tesla is conservatively on track to exceed 20 GWh deployed by 2019 year-end, Adamas says.



Good going for Tesla but others will catch up very soon.


20 GWh is just a start. U.S. sales were 17 million in 2018; if all these car were EVs and used 50 kWh batteries, the battery industry would sell 850 GWhs of storage in the U.S. alone...that's huge.


Since the majority of current sales are for large heavy pick-ups and SUVs, 100+ KWh batteries would be required. That could double requirements to 1,700 GWh?

Since most of those mobile storage units would be idle most of the time, they could contribute very positively to the future energy trade market and supply energy to cover peak demands and/or when REs are not producing enough. It could solve a major part of the current problem associated with Solar/Wind REs.

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