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City transport operator Miejskie Zakłady Autobusowe w Warszawie (MZA) has ordered 130 Solaris electric buses for nearly PLN 400 million (US$106 million). The articulated Urbino 18 electrics will be delivered to the capital of Poland in 2020.


The order for 130 articulated electric buses is the biggest tender of its kind in Europe yet. Solaris electric buses have been ordered so far by 60 cities in 17 countries, and have traveled more than 14 million kilometers since 2011.

Our project to purchase 130 electric articulated buses, supported by European funds, is one of the largest e-mobility investments in Europe. We are glad that we are one of the leaders in the implementation of environmentally friendly solutions for transport, according to our plans, in two years’ time, we will have a fleet of nearly 400 zero and low-emission buses. MZA ecological buses are a sign of hope for clean air in the capital.

—Jan Kuźmiński, CEO of Miejskie Zakłady Autobusowe

The 130 articulated electric Urbinos for MZA will be fitted with Solaris High Power batteries with a capacity of 150 kWh, for which the producer grants a seven-year warranty, as per requirement of the awarding authority.

The electric power in those batteries will be recharged by means of depot charging stations of the plug-in type and by means of pantographs.

The bus will feature two charging sockets: one above the right wheel arch and the other placed behind the last door, whereas the pantograph will be mounted on the roof. Offering more than 400 kW of power, the fast-charging stations will be deployed in various corners of the city. The setup of the infrastructure is the object of a separate call for tender.

The drive unit of the electric articulated buses for Warsaw will consist of an axle with two 110 kW electric motors. The vehicles for operator MZA feature an SiC voltage converter for the traction motor, which will additionally help to reduce energy consumption.

The interior and furnishing of the bus is well-known to MZA passengers and complies with the binding standards of the public transport authority ZTM. The driver’s cabin will be completely shut off; the bus will be air-conditioned and will feature a comprehensive passenger information system. Furthermore, three double USB charging ports will be available to passengers, allowing for the recharging of mobile devices during the bus ride.

So far Solaris has delivered more than 1,000 city buses to Warsaw, including 20 electric ones. Electric buses can be seen in use daily, operating bus line 222. Designed and produced by Solaris, the Urbino 12 electric was named best city bus in Europe in 2017.



Good news for Warsaw, Solaris and articulated city -buses.

USA/Canada should be a lot more pro-active with the introduction of city and school e-buses.

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