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IBM Japan joins the Automotive Edge Computing Consortium

The Automotive Edge Computing Consortium (AECC) announced that IBM Japan Co., Ltd., has joined the AECC. The AECC is a non-profit consortium of cross-industry players working to drive best practices for the coming vehicle and computing convergence.

As a member of the Consortium, IBM Japan will collaborate with AECC members to evaluate the work being done by communication, cloud and other related technology-based standards bodies and technology communities to ensure that new technologies and standards will meet the future needs of the connected vehicle ecosystem. IBM will bring expertise in various cloud services’ domains to enhance the services and infrastructure of the connected vehicle ecosystem.

Telematic services and connected features have definitely become a competitive field within the auto industry and in order to meet the increasing demand, players in the ecosystem need to collaborate to build the next era standards. AECC is such a place, and as a player in the ecosystem, IBM is willing to work with other players to create a business environment by bringing in technical expertise.

—Dr. Sakamoto, manager of E&CI, IBM Japan

By sharing relevant findings, requirements and technology solutions with standards organizations, the AECC aims to encourage the development of connected vehicle best practices and new use cases to accelerate the growth of the entire industry. The AECC’s vision is to create a new era where connected vehicles utilize the full benefits of high-volume data for the evolution of the connected world, improving safety, sustainability, reliability and the experiences in the lives of citizens.


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