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Volkswagen’s electric ID.R now holds records at Pikes Peak, the Nürburgring-Nordschleife, and the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The sports car will take on its next record attempt in September: The ID.R will set a target time on Tianmen Mountain in China.

The goal for this outing is to set a milestone for electric cars and, in doing so, to support Volkswagen’s e-strategy in China, which is picking up speed this year. By 2035, Volkswagen intends to increase the percentage of e-cars within its annual deliveries in China to 50%.

Tianmen Shan Big Gate Road in China climbs up the 1,519-meter Tianmen Mountain via 99 corners. For the moment, this is probably the most spectacular stretch of asphalt that the Volkswagen ID.R will set wheel on: Incredibly narrow, incredibly steep, and extremely winding—the road is a real challenge.

Starting at 200 meters above sea level, it snakes its way along steep rock faces to a height of 1,300 meters and the so-called “Heaven’s Gate”. The ID.R will do pioneering work in September 2019—Tianmen Mountain has never before hosted this kind of challenge.



"50% by By 2035"

2035?? Nothing like setting the bar low to ensure "success". Problem with that is every other China-based manufacturer will be way beyond 50% before 2030! Why are they so pathetically timid?

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