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GKN Automotive will this month deliver its one-millionth eDrive system. Demand for GKN Automotive’s expanding eDrive portfolio, which encompasses a range of driveline technologies for electrified vehicles, has increased markedly over recent years. The company currently has five major eDrive mass production projects in progress in China and Europe.

GKN Automotive has pioneered advanced eDrive technologies since 2002.GKN Automotive’s family of highly efficient, lightweight, high-power modular eDrive products began with single eDrive transmissions. The company now offers semi-integrated two-in-one eMotor and transmission systems, such as the Electric Rear Axle Drive (eRad) in the Volvo XC60 and XC90, and two other eRad plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicle projects due to enter series production in the next 12 months.

GKN Automotive is currently supplying a volume OEM with a semi-integrated three-in-one (incorporating eMotor, transmission, and inverter) eRad project for vehicles destined for China and Europe. And later this year, GKN Automotive will supply a global premium OEM with a semi-integrated three-in-one eDrive system.

Common across the portfolio of products is low weight, compact packaging, high efficiency and high power and torque, with scalability enabling designs to be integrated across a wide range of vehicle platforms and packaging requirements.

GKN Automotive is also collaborating with Drive System Design and the University of Nottingham on an £8-million (US$10-million) project to design and develop the world’s lightest and most efficient electric vehicle powertrain suitable for the volume market.

The initiative is match-funded by the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC). The APC is an organization created by the UK Government’s Automotive Council to fund UK-based research and development projects, aimed at developing low-carbon emission powertrain technologies.

ACeDrive (Advanced Cooling and Control of High Speed e-Drive) aims to achieve the level of technology and performance outlined in the Automotive Council’s roadmap for 2030. The core targets for the resulting eDrive technology are a 25% reduction in both packaging size and cost, a 20% drop in weight, and a 10% increase in efficiency compared to current equivalents, and production readiness by 2023.


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