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MAN Energy Solutions, Hydrogenious and Frames Group to build LOHC hydrogen storage systems

MAN Energy Solutions, Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies and Frames Group B.V. have signed a cooperation agreement in order to jointly design and build large scale hydrogen storage systems based on the Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) technology (earlier post).

Developed by Hydrogenious, the LOHC technology uses heat transfer oil as a carrier for hydrogen, thus allowing it to be stored under ambient conditions. The process also triples the amount of hydrogen that can be transported compared to standard pressurized containers. The LOHC technology offers a safe and efficient solution for storing and distributing hydrogen on a large scale.

The new partners are preparing to meet the needs for the future hydrogen market in respect to bulk hydrogen storage and transportation. As a first step, the companies have developed systems with hydrogen capacities of 5 and 12 tons per day.

Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies is specialized in the development of the LOHC technology and thus contributes its core process know-how to the cooperation. Frames Group B.V. designs and builds solutions for renewable energy and oil and gas processing equipment, and will be responsible for the overall realization of the hydrogenation plant. MAN ES completes the consortium with its experience in design and fabrication of reactor systems for chemical and petrochemical applications. The company will deliver the reactor and related steam generator equipment to the projects.



This could become a better/cheaper way to store and transport H2 and a major step towards future H2 and REs economy?



Last line should read …….24/7 H2 economy.


This is a great development in the hydrogen storage sector. With increased capacity, this will become a lot cheaper and better way for storage and transportation of hydrogen. The industry for hydrogen storage is growing steadily by the year, and is expected to be worth 6.5 billion USD by 2025. This latest development will potentially do wonders for the industry.

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