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RoboSense and Aidrivers partner to deliver autonomous solutions for industrial transportation

RoboSense, a supplier of LiDAR perception system solutions, and Aidrivers, the UK's leading provider of autonomous mobility solutions for industrial applications, announced a partnership through which Aidrivers will integrate RoboSense Smart LiDAR Sensor System into their own Autonomous Driving Systems.

Aidrivers is delivering a fully autonomous natural navigation system that meets industrial safety standards to seaports, particularly for horizontal transportation, aimed for improving operation efficiency and leading the way in industrial autonomous mobility automation.

The solution can work under all harsh weather conditions by achieving 3D mapping and localization for precision positioning and situation cognizance; it uses using RoboSense 3D LiDAR sensor technology, which collects stable and reliable environment information at near and far distance and under different weather conditions.

Aidrivers is deploying a fleet of autonomous prime movers for the world’s leading and busiest port terminals. Aidrivers and SANY have recently partnered to deliver autonomous electric vehicles, specifically industrial horizontal transport solutions, for the Chinese market.

In these projects, the AI-enabled autonomous mobility solutions provided by Aidrivers use RoboSense’s 3D LiDARs to collect rich and reliable environment perception data, conduct real-time accurate 3D object detection and tracking.


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