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BMZ Holding GmbH, a European manufacturer of lithium-ion battery systems, will join forces with KION GROUP AG, a global provider of intralogistics solutions, to form a joint venture under the name of KION Battery Systems GmbH.

This joint venture will manufacture lithium-ion batteries for industrial trucks in the EMEA region. BMZ Holding GmbH and KION GROUP AG will each hold a 50% stake in the joint venture (JV).

The objective of the JV is to broaden the lithium-ion product offering and to increase production capacity to best serve the rapidly growing demand for lithium-ion battery systems in the intralogistics market.

The production facility for the joint venture is built by BMZ Holding GmbH in Karlstein am Main, the headquarters of the BMZ Group. By 2023, the workforce of the JV is expected to grow to around 80 employees working in mainly research, development and production functions.

Initially, the new JV will focus on the production of 48-volt and 80-volt batteries for counterbalance trucks. Soon, the offering will be expanded to 24-volt batteries for smaller warehouse trucks.

In its KION 2027 strategy, the KION Group is placing particular emphasis on providing all relevant energy solutions at highest energy efficiency, as this is one of the key value drivers in intralogistics and material flows. The Group’s global research and development activities focus on key drive technologies for the future.

The product portfolios of KION’s brands already provide key drive technologies, from internal combustion engines to lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries as well as fuel cells. Electric drive systems ppare of particular importance as KION’s brands are the leading provider of electric-powered forklift and warehouse trucks. Across its brands, the Group has sold more than one million electric trucks in the past ten years.

Last year, electric trucks accounted for about 80% of unit sales, and the share continues to increase.

The BMZ Group has been growing steadily at an average rate of around 25-30 percent in recent years. Its supply portfolio covers a wide range of products that include, for example, electric vehicles, e-bike batteries, drive system solutions, power tools, gardening tools, medical services, and industrial battery solutions.


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