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California ARB proposes CI values for new temporary LCFS pathway for hydrotreated alternative jet fuel

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has proposed carbon intensity (CI) values for a new Temporary LCFS pathway for Alternative Jet Fuel. Public comments on the proposed new Temporary pathway are being accepted through 16 September prior to certification.

Upon certification, this new Temporary pathway will be available for LRT-CBTS reporting for the quarter in which it is certified. If relevant comments received during this period require significant revisions of the originally published pathway, an updated pathway will be posted for additional public comment.

Various technologies can be used to produce alternative jet fuel—a drop-in fuel, made from petroleum or non-petroleum sources, which can be blended and used with conventional petroleum jet fuels without the need to modify aircraft engines and existing fuel distribution infrastructure.

The proposed Temporary CIs are applicable only to alternative jet fuel that is produced from a hydrotreating process.

Staff determined the proposed CI values using the most conservative data from LCFS certified renewable diesel pathways that produce alternative jet fuel as a co-product. The resulting CI was increased by an additional 10% due to additional energy and chemical inputs for the hydrocracking process, and then an additional 5% of conservative margin, and finally rounded to the nearest five CI points when applicable.




Lots of ways to make cleaner jet fuel.

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