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EV Connect and GM partner to enhance charging experience for Bolt EV drivers

EV Connect has announced a collaboration with General Motors, through which EV Connect will help GM improve Chevrolet Bolt EV drivers’ charging experience with dynamic charge station data, including insights on station status. With 6,000 charge ports under contract through its EV Cloud, EV Connect is the largest open platform in the US.

To achieve our vision of a world with zero emissions and to improve the EV driver experience, we are working towards a frictionless customer solution for EVs and chargers. By collaborating with EV Connect, we are continuing our efforts to remove obstacles for drivers looking to charge their EV on the go.

—Doug Parks, General Motors vice president of Autonomous and Electric Vehicle Programs

The EV Connect Network, and the EV Cloud platform on which it runs, delivers an innovative cloud-based software platform for managing networks of EV charging stations, their interaction with utilities, and the overall driver experience. The collaboration with GM will help Chevrolet Bolt EV owners get real-time updates on the status of the chargers, as well as help to provide a seamless charging experience from the driver to the network manager.

Real-time charge station data received from EV Connect will enhance future versions of the myChevrolet app. As the charging network provides new information, real-time data on charge station health will indicate if a charging station is working, available, and compatible with the Chevrolet Bolt EV, offering a one-stop shop for all range and charging data before or during a trip.

EV Connect expects to finalize the terms of its collaboration and agreement with General Motors during the third quarter of 2019.


A good move for GM, but unclear from the article if the charge station status info will be available within the car’s navigation system, as it is with Tesla’s huge nav screen, or just on the mobile app.

Hope this signals future investment in charging infrastructure by GM. They’ll need to control their own destiny with tight integration with in-dash nav to have a competitive EV offering.

Long distance travel in a Tesla is effortless.

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