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TIP Trailer Services to offer Dearman zero emissions transport refrigeration system alongside regular fleet

Dearman and TIP Netherlands (NL) have entered into a partnership to deploy alongside their regular fleet of refrigerated trailers Dearman’s liquid nitrogen-powered transport refrigeration units (earlier post) trailers leased by TIP to leading fleet operators.

The Dearman transport refrigeration system combines cryogenic refrigeration with a Dearman engine (earlier post) and a downsized vapor compression refrigeration cycle.

The Dearman Engine operates by the vaporization and expansion of cryogenic fluids—specifically, liquid nitrogen. Ambient or low grade waste heat is used as an energy source with the cryogen providing both the working fluid and heat sink. The Dearman Engine process involves the heat being introduced to the cryogenic fluid through direct contact heat exchange with a heat exchange fluid (HEF) inside the engine.

Following successful trials in NL and Italy with a global top 3 multi-brand foods company, TIP showcased Dearman’s zero-emissions transport refrigeration technology at its recent Customer Innovation Platform.

TIP has seen its trailer leasing customers increasingly look to adopt cleaner and more efficient solutions for tractor units at the front of their vehicles and the new partnership with Dearman means TIP’s customers will be able to match their cleaner propulsion investments with a clean refrigeration solution.


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