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Government of Canada supporting Sustane Fuels; MSW to fuels

The Government of Canada is supporting Sustane Technologies Inc. with a project to test the performance of its patented, green energy fuel made from recycled plastics in an active industrial setting.

In 2017, Canada invested $2.6 million in Sustane Technologies to support the construction of a new demonstration facility in Chester, about 65 kilometers southwest of Halifax.

Designed to transform up to 70,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste (MSW) per year into biomass pellets, diesel fuel and recyclable metals, Sustane Chester increases landfill diversion rates to more than 90% for the municipality and the surrounding region.

The process generates two grades of liquid fuel derived from the low-grade plastics found in waste Number 1 fuel, also known as kerosene or jet fuel, and Number 2 diesel. Sustane is self-powered, using a portion of the fuel produced instead of fossil fuel as an energy source for all our internal operations. The Number 2 fuel we make is made available for use by industrial customers as a low-sulfur light heating oil, and will eventually qualify for use as a marine and road transportation diesel.


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