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Alexander Dennis is expanding the UK’s widest range of low- and zero-emission buses with the new Enviro400ER Electric Range hybrid double deck bus. Developed with BAE Systems, the Enviro400ER is based on the series hybrid technology proven in more than 1,400 Alexander Dennis hybrid buses in the UK.


Alexander Dennis already offers the Enviro400H double deck hybrid, offering fuel and greenhouse gas reductions of around 30%. It’s derived from ADL’s Enviro400, Britain’s best selling double deck. The Enviro400H is the UK’s best selling hybrid-electric bus.

The Enviro400ER offers geofenced zero-emission capability, making it an ideal solution for pollution hotspots in towns and cities. The new Enviro400ER provides an easy solution to meet local Ultra Low Emission Zones and zero emissions targets without the need for expensive charging infrastructure and without an impact on daily operational range.

The Enviro400ER can run for up to three miles in electric mode, with the exact distance depending on factors such as travel time and route profile.

The vehicle utilizes a 32kWh capacity energy storage system, featuring third-generation lithium nickel manganese cobalt battery technology, as well as the same components as the latest generation Enviro400H hybrid bus. The battery does not need to be charged externally, avoiding costly infrastructure in depots or at termini.

Brighton & Hove is the first UK bus operator to order the Enviro400ER. 30 Electric Range hybrid buses will join the Go-Ahead Group subsidiary’s fleet later this year for use on route 5, running in zero emissions mode in the center of Brighton.


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