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Subaru using ANSYS to develop HEV control systems

Subaru Corporation is developing control systems for their next generation hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) using ANSYS embedded software solutions. ANSYS enables Subaru Corporation engineers quickly and accurately to generate code that ensures the operational reliability of key, interconnected HEV systems to help keep drivers safe on the road.

Designing electronic control units (ECUs) that effectively manage and maintain safety, performance and energy efficiency is a top priority for HEV designers. Synchronizing and tightly integrating these components requires a faultless control system to ensure that safety-related, mission-critical functions, such as steering and braking, are fully operational in the wake of unpredictable events that could trigger a system failure.

Subaru Corporation engineers leverage ANSYS SCADE to design and validate embedded software for the new e-Boxer system. Increasing development automation to 95% with SCADE, Subaru expedites software code creation by nearly eliminating the need for human intervention. This substantially increases productivity and significantly reduces costs, production time and the amount of documentation required for final code verification.

Utilizing SCADE increased our development automation by 15%, permitting us to swiftly innovate new ECU technology and accelerate its path to market faster than ever—delivering a major competitive advantage.

—Yuji Kawakami, senior engineer, Electronics Engineering Department at Subaru Corporation


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