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Cal Energy Commission awards $3.75M to early-stage clean energy projects; 9 battery projects

The California Energy Commission awarded $3.75 million to 25 early-stage, innovative projects as part of a portfolio of research investments intended to help achieve the state’s climate and clean energy goals. Among the projects are nine battery-related efforts.

The Energy Commission’s Electric Program Investment Charge program, which drives clean energy innovation and entrepreneurship, funds the California Sustainable Energy Entrepreneur Development (CalSEED)Initiative.

Since 2017, CalSEED has awarded $12.4 million in EPIC funding to 75 projects statewide to help California entrepreneurs bring early-stage clean energy technologies to market.

Each awardee receives up to $150,000 in initial funding with up to $450,000 available in follow-on funding. In addition to funding, CalSEED provides access to technical expertise, mentoring, and business development training.

The battery-related projects are:

  • Coreshell Technologies: Thin-film battery electrode coating technology for lower costs and doubled battery life.

  • NanoDian: Low-cost, safer, cobalt-free, nanostructured lithium-ion battery cathode material.

  • EnZinc: Safe, high performance rechargeable zinc battery.

  • ReJoule Incorporated: Impedance-based battery health management for large format lithium- ion battery packs.

  • Nrgtek: Energy storage with sodium iron flow batteries.

  • EndLis Energy: Low-cost, environmentally-sustainable, lithium carbon-based rechargeable batteries.

  • Noon Energy: Rechargeable carbon-oxygen flow battery.

  • DAE Technologies: Low-cost lithium carbon fluoride battery.

  • RePurpose Energy: Lithium-ion battery fire suppression system that protects surrounding battery cells.


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