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Foresight Autonomous Holdings Ltd. announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Eye-Net Mobile Ltd., successfully completed a controlled-environment trial of its Eye-Net cellular-based accident prevention solution for a leading vehicle manufacturer.

Eye-Net is a cellular-based vehicle-to-everything (V2X) accident prevention solution designed to protect the most vulnerable road users in real time—including pedestrians, cyclists, scooter drivers and car drivers—by providing collision alerts when the road users have no direct line of sight. Eye-Net relies on proprietary technology, a set of sophisticated algorithms and advanced system architecture, and existing cellular infrastructure.

The trial, conducted in a designated test track, was designed to demonstrate Eye-Net’s capabilities of protecting vehicles and vulnerable road users from oncoming collisions; to test the system’s performance and robustness; and to discuss possible suitability of the Eye-Net solution for the connected car platforms of the leading vehicle manufacturer.

The controlled-environment trial took place at the conclusion of Eye-Net Mobile’s large-scale trial. Prior to the controlled trial, Eye-Net Mobile presented a detailed analysis of the large-scale trial’s results to the OEM.

Eye-Net Mobile tested several predefined extreme accident-simulated scenarios at various speeds up to 80 km/h. The scenarios included multiple participants—vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists—that had no direct line of sight.

In all cases, the participants in the trial used the Eye-Net application installed on their smartphones. The Eye-Net system was able to filter out non-critical events and send real-time alerts only to the participants who were in potentially unsafe situations, in order to prevent an oncoming collision. In all scenarios tested, Eye-Net met all predefined objectives of the controlled-environment trial.


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