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Continental to showcase global innovations for clean, safe and connected mobility at IAA

At the IAA 2019, Continental will showcase technologies for the safe, clean and connected mobility of the future. Continental will be presenting its fully integrated axle drive for electric cars—a global innovation that the company will supply to customers in China and Europe and for which production is scheduled to start this year.

Another production-ready highlight is the new short-range radar, which assists car drivers when turning and protects cyclists and pedestrians.

Electric axle drive. Continental is the first supplier worldwide to produce a fully integrated axle drive module. The compact axle drive weighs less than 80 kilograms and consists of an electric motor, transmission and inverter. As a package, the three elements make the electric vehicle around 20 kilograms lighter—not least because numerous cable connections and plugs are dispensed with.

Another highlight is the 48-volt high-power drive, which enables full hybrid vehicles based only on 48-volt electric drive train to reach speeds of 50 to 56 mph (80 to 90 km/h) on electric power only.

Short-range radar protects cyclists and pedestrians. Continental will showcase its new short-range radar at the IAA 2019. The radar is able to detect other road users and obstacles with extremely high precision. This allows cornering assistance systems to recognize danger earlier than before and warn the driver faster, request emergency braking or automatically trigger emergency braking.

Autonomous driving. In collaboration with EasyMile, a manufacturer of driverless vehicles, Continental willoffer IAA visitors the chance to take a test drive in a robo-taxi. Equipped with Continental technology, the vehicle will be driving autonomously around the exhibition grounds during the IAA.

Tires that can feel and talk. Robo-taxis of the future will be able to perform tire maintenance themselves. The latest Continental tire study for driverless taxis demonstrates how this will work. Continental sensors built into the treads of tires are already able to transmit information on tread depth, possible damage and tire temperature as well as the correct inflation pressure.

In the future, the rims will also be fitted with air pumps that adjust the tire pressure even while driving. This new wheel and tire concept is called Conti C.A.R.E. and is connected to the fleet management system via the Internet. The benefit is that it can provide information in almost real time and warn fleet managers of irregularities or noncompliance with standard conditions, saving repair costs and reducing vehicle downtime.

Lifelong learning for cars. Continental will demonstrate at the IAA how automotive electronics will in the future enable vehicles to continuously learn new functions. Flexible electronics and an intelligent vehicle network new hardware, software and functions to be integrated even after thousands of miles. Specialists visiting the trade fair will get a chance to learn more about the required framework conditions.


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