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ARENA providing $950k in funding for renewable hydrogen production project in Queensland

Canada awarding almost $2M to Mogile Technologies for EV infrastructure projects

Natural Resources Canada is awarding almost $2 million to Mogile Technologies Inc., a Québec-based company, to develop two innovative electric vehicle infrastructure solutions in Québec.

The first project, with an investment of $1.136 million, will test new technology—compatible with multiple electric vehicle charging networks—designed to reduce peak period demand on the power grid. It will also allow utilities dynamically to adjust power output and pricing at charging stations based on predicted load use.

The second project, with an investment of $861,000, will develop a single account for electric vehicle drivers to pay for the use of any charging station, making payment easier for drivers while improving the business model for charging infrastructure operators.

Funded through the Green Infrastructure Program, these projects will provide data for future clean energy projects throughout Canada.


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