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NIO and ProLogium sign strategic cooperation agreement focused on solid-state battery pack

Earlier this month, China-based EV company NIO and ProLogium, a developer of solid-state Li-ion batteries, signed a strategic cooperation, the short-term goal of which is the creation of a prototype using a ProLogium solid-state battery pack. More in­depth discussions will follow with respect to the cooperation in the production of solid­state battery pack.

ProLogium has developed a new packaging approach with respect to the high security, heat dissipating capability, and mechanism characteristics of solid­state battery, and created MAB (Multi­Axis Bipolar Pack) technology.

Electrodes are directly stacked via bipolar battery technology for the serial and parallel connection. MAB can simplify the design and packaging of battery management systems, greatly enhance the efficiency of the battery pack, and strengthen the advantage of solid­state battery, ProLogium claims.



It is becoming more and more obvious that future battery development and mass production of improved batteries will come form China.

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