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technotrans presenting e-battery coolers at Busworld Europe

technotrans SE will be presenting their e-battery battery coolers at this year’s Busworld Europe in Brussels from 18 to 23 October. In addition, the provider will also show cooling solutions for charging stations.

Technotrans Batteriekühlung

The temperature of the lithium-ion batteries installed in e-vehicles is crucial for their performance and service life. Established technotrans cooling units of the modular series zeta.line can be integrated in a space-saving manner on the vehicles in conjunction with the energy storage unit. The cooling of the batteries with water or cooling air takes place either actively by means of a compressor or energy-saving passive with ambient air.

The cooling systems are also adapted to the requirements of the producers of energy storage as well as to the bus manufacturers and operators.

For example, local public transport buses regularly run scheduled routes that serve as the basis for battery performance and cooling requirements. The specific driving profiles are based not only kilometers driven, but also height. If the e-bus covers several vertical meters along its route, for example when crossing a bridge, more (cooling) power is needed at this point than on a flat route.

In addition to the mobile cooling units, the provider also presents stationary solutions for charging stations and converters. These are usually based on glycol recoolers, as the required cooling level allows the use of free cooling. The applications allow a compact integration in or on existing housing schemes and reach in the sound-optimized design a cooling capacity of up to 900 kW.


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