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Voltabox to present 800V modular drive system for automotive applications at the IAA

Voltabox will present an 800V drive system at the IAA’s New Mobility World in Frankfurt.

In addition to the high-voltage traction battery system, elements include a 2-way inverter, high-performance electric motors, a DC-DC converter and a remote Li-ion electrical system battery.

The system can be individually and flexibly adapted to the respective requirements. At the IAA, Voltabox will demonstrate the complete and fully operational system in a rolling chassis.

So far, Voltabox has established itself primarily as a system provider for high performance traction battery systems in industrial applications such as industrial trucks, mining vehicles or trolleybuses. The company also develops, produces and sells high-performance lithium-ion starter batteries for motorcycles and standardized battery packs for use in pedelecs and e-bikes.


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