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Prodrive to unveil first 48V DC-DC converter targeting ISO/DIS 21780

Prodrive has created the first 48V to 12V DC-DC converter targeted at the ISO/DIS 21780 standard for 48V automotive systems. The unit will be launched at this year’s LCV (Low Carbon Vehicle) Show, which takes place at Millbrook, UK, 4-5 September.

Prodrive 48V to 12V DC-DC converter

With the projected growth in 48V systems (predicted to be in as many as a third of all light vehicles by 2030 by consultancy LMC Automotive) enabling mild hybrid systems solutions on cars, the converter provides businesses with a solution in a neat package to provide power to existing 12V systems.

Prodrive’s 48V to 12V DC-DC converter is configurable to suit automotive networks including CAN and FlexRay, and is available in multiple power options from 400W to 2.2kW to suit the application. It can also provide the opportunity to downsize or remove the standard 12V battery altogether.

The architecture of the unit can be modified to include additional digital inputs/outputs or to change the housing to suit a particular application in a vehicle, boat or aircraft.

Prodrive has extensive experience in power electronics, which includes the development of a multiport DC-DC converter using silicon carbide technology for electric and hybrid vehicles.

While work continues to develop the unit, Prodrive will have a pre-production converter on display at its stand at the LCV show.


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