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Silicon Mobility and AVL Software and Functions GmbH will collaborate to increase the energy efficiency of electric and hybrid vehicles. Silicon Mobility offers a complete solution that includes the hardware, software, development platform, and a suite of application specific software modules for a wide range of hybrid and electric vehicle control systems.

As part of the collaboration agreement, AVL and Silicon Mobility will build a 250kW inverter-eMotor system based on the current AVL 250kW IGBT inverter. This system will be powered by OLEA T222 FPCU and OLEA APP INVERTER HE to extract the best energy efficiency delivered by the electric motor.


The OLEA T222 is a first-generation Field Programmable Control Unit (FPCU)—a new semiconductor architecture combining the hardware flexibility of the AMEC real-time control unit with the software flexibility of a standard processor into a single chip.

Unlike multi-core MCUs which can rapidly experience software bottlenecks, FPCU provides a combination of hardware and software processing capability for high frequency, precise and complex control algorithms, while limiting heat dissipation.

OLEA APP runs on the OLEA FPCU and includes rich libraries of advanced control algorithms dedicated to electrified powertrains. OLEA APP INVERTER HE is a Silicon Mobility application providing a turnkey high efficiency inverter control including the Adaptive PWM Control (APC) and FOC/SVPWM algorithms optimized for the OLEA FPCU semiconductor.

The OLEA APP INVERTER HE includes: Inverter Application and Safety software components (ASW); Inverter Complex Device Drivers (CDD); and Basic Software components(BSW).

The resulting system is planned to be made available for customers interested in design license, prototype or SOP projects. The efficiency of the combined solution will be measured on AVL test benches.

The partners plan to extend their collaboration also to the drive and control of advanced Silicon Carbide (SiC) power technologies by OLEA T222 FPCU and OLEA APP INVERTER HE in the latest generation of AVL inverters.

This partnership will allow us to test and implement Silicon Mobility’s advanced inverter and e-Motor controls technology, which will help us to continue our path of excellence in the development of e-Drive systems.

—Dr. Georg Schwab, managing director of AVL Software and Functions

AVL is the world’s largest independent company for development, simulation and testing technology of powertrains for passenger cars, trucks and large engines. AVL Software and Functions was founded in 2008, is a subsidiary to AVL and has been experiencing strong growth ever since. The focus is on technologically leading software and system solutions for intelligent and ecologically compatible mobility as well as system integration and electronics development.



Similar systems have been used on many higher efficiency Heat-Pumps for many years?

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