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Manufacturing accounted for 40% of employment in the motor vehicles and component parts sector in US in 2018

Forty percent of employment in the Motor Vehicles and Component Parts sector in the US in 2018 was in manufacturing.

Repair and maintenance employment was nearly as large (37%). The wholesale trade, distribution, and transport category was another 20%, with the professional and business category adding 3% of employment in the sector.

Total employment in the Motor Vehicles and Component Parts sector was more than 2,500,000.

Motor Vehicles and Component Parts employers are defined as any firms that contribute to the manufacture, wholesale distribution, transport, and repair and maintenance of gasoline, diesel, hybrid, electric, natural gas, hydrogen and fuel cell, or other vehicle technologies. Employment at motor vehicle dealerships and retailers was excluded.


Source: National Association of State Energy Officials and Energy Futures Initiative, The 2019 U.S. Energy and Employment Report.


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