Hyundai Motor Group develops wearable vest exoskeleton to alleviate burden in overhead work: VEX
Researchers develop solid electrolyte for electrocatalytic reduction of CO2 to pure liquid fuels

Volkswagen do Brasil develops its first vehicle for international market; MQB-based “New Urban Coupé”

For the first time, Volkswagen do Brasil is developing a vehicle based on the modular transverse toolkit MQB completely in-house; the model is also to be produced later in Europe and sold on other international markets.

Known as the “New Urban Coupé” it combines sportiness with a high driving position. The world premiere is planned for spring 2020. Production will commence at the Anchieta plant in the same year and the vehicle will also be built in Europe from 2021.

Volkswagen is strengthening the economic significance of Volkswagen do Brasil with the regionalization of the South American market. Through 2020, Volkswagen is investing seven billion BRL (approx. €1.5 billion) in Brazil in the development of new products, digitalization and technological innovations.

This is based on a restructuring program introduced by Volkswagen to support business opportunities in the South American market. Under its regionalization strategy, the company launched a product offensive with 20 new models for Brazil as the key market in the region.


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