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Automobili Pininfarina, Bosch and BENTELER partner to develop high-performance EV platform

Automobili Pininfarina, Bosch and BENTELER are collaborating to develop a high-performance EV platform to support future Automobili Pininfarina vehicles and also to be made available to OEMs.

Automobili Pininfarina, Bosch Engineering and BENTELER will evaluate the best technical concept as well as the market potential for the platform that will underpin future Automobili Pininfarina cars.

The parties have also agreed to evaluate opportunities to provide a basis for other car brands’ performance EVs to attain added synergies and enable a more rapid adoption of electro-mobility across all market segments, including the fast-growing luxury and performance markets.

Automobili Pininfarina recently confirmed its strategic plan to bring to market a range of high-performance and luxury electric vehicles that will follow the Battista electric hypercar, which is due to begin production in late 2020 in Italy.


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