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Lightning Systems receives California ARB Executive Order for the Transit Bus Repower powertrain

Lightning Systems, a developer of zero-emission powertrains for commercial fleets, has received an Executive Order from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for the Lightning Electric Transit Bus Repower, with HVIP approval expected within the next several weeks. The Transit Bus Repower is a full-featured powertrain conversion of an existing diesel transit bus to a battery-electric bus.

The Transit Bus Repower powertrain is a product that our customers have been demanding for some time. Transit buses are excellent repower candidates for a variety of reasons, including the wide availability of parts and experienced service mechanics. It makes additional investments in these older buses both safe and sensible. Just as important, a repower keeps these buses out of the landfill, making the repower choice the most sustainable option today.

—Nick Bettis, director of business development, Lightning Systems

The Lightning Electric Transit Bus Repower is available for order now with delivery in six months and offers a range of up to 200 miles (depending on the configuration). The powertrain features an active thermally-managed battery system, sourced from a Tier 1 battery cell manufacturer.

Lightning’s first Transit Bus Repower powertrain was deployed in a 2004 30-foot GILLIG bus and has been on the road with a transit operator in Colorado for the past 9 months.


Lightning Electric Repowered Gillig bus

During this time, the Lightning Systems analytics team has collected extensive data from the 1 Hz Lightning Telematics on the vehicle and analyzed the impacts of cold and hot weather on efficiency, range, and battery life. Using this data, the team is now able to provide customers with real-world range expectations in a wide variety of weather and load conditions.

Lightning Analytics goes much deeper than off-the-shelf telematics solutions We can see exactly where the batteries’ energy was used, whether it’s for propulsion, HVAC or other systems on the bus. This allows us to gauge how the vehicle’s expected range changes with conditions, such as weather.

—Tyler Yadon, director of engineering, Lightning Systems

Lightning Analytics is available with each Lightning powertrain, including the Transit Bus Repower.


A repower is a cost-effective and timely solution for transit agencies. It is half the cost of buying a new electric bus, and with leasing and financing options available, many Transit fleets will find that the Lightning Transit Bus Repower is cash-neutral—meaning the monthly finance payments are the same price as the fuel and maintenance savings.

—Tim Reeser, Lightning Systems CEO

In addition to these operational savings, customers can benefit from several funding programs that states such as California, Colorado, and New York have implemented to promote commercial EV adoption. Eligible California customers can receive up to $71,250 in HVIP vouchers towards the price of the Transit Bus Repower.

Lightning Systems designs and manufacturers zero emission all-electric powertrains for commercial fleets—from Class 3 Ford Transit vans to Class 6 work trucks and class 7 and 8 city buses. All Lightning products are available today.



Anything to get rid of the diesels; diesel bus exhaust is really nasty to breathe.

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