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Lightning Systems introduces range of AC and DC fast charge charging stations for fleet electric vehicles

Lightning Systems, a global developer of zero-emission drivetrains, introduced “Lightning On Tap” charging solutions, a comprehensive offering of AC and DC fast charge charging stations.

Lightning Systems’ lineup of new chargers includes both AC and DC fast charge options, ranging from affordable 7.2kW AC chargers to high-end 100kW DC fast chargers, which deliver much shorter charging times for high-battery-capacity commercial EVs.


Along with a comprehensive offering of charging hardware, Lightning also cultivated partnerships with software and energy management companies such as The Mobility House, a full-service charging management company.

With more fleet operators making the switch to electric trucks and buses, planning and installing charging systems has brought a whole new set of challenges for our customers. We can now help overcome that challenge by delivering a full suite of charging hardware and software options. We know first-hand that fleets need timely and specific help with charging solutions for their commercial vehicles.

—Tim Reeser, Lightning Systems CEO

Some jurisdictions, such as California and Colorado, offer grants or other incentives that may partially or fully cover the cost of charging solutions. Certain electric utility companies have also subsidy programs.

Lightning Systems designs and manufacturers zero-emission all-electric powertrains for commercial fleets—from Class 3 Ford Transit vans to Class 6 work trucks and Class 7 and 8 city buses.


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