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Ascend Performance Materials will launch several new long-chain polyamides and high-temperature polyamides at K 2019 in Düsseldorf in October.

Vydyne XHT, a new portfolio of heat-stabilized polyamide 66 and copolymers, is capable of withstanding prolonged exposure to temperatures up to 230 ˚C. Using a combination of unique polymer chemistries and a multi-stage heat stabilization technology, XHT products push the boundaries of temperature resistance without sacrificing the processability, durability and mechanical properties for which PA66 is known.


With a high weld strength and long-term temperature resistance up to 230 ˚C, Vydyne XHT performs well in under-hood parts such as integrated air intake manifolds. Photo: Ascend Performance Materials.

Consistent high heat performance is critical in under-the-hood applications to accommodate for various load, torque and speed conditions in engines. We created Vydyne XHT to perform across a broad operating window for our customers, who are today limited to products with narrow operating windows and poor performance outside those windows.

—Vikram Gopal, Ascend’s senior vice president of technology

The Vydyne XHT portfolio includes four glass-filled grades suited for use in demanding automotive applications, such as charge air coolers, integrated air intake manifolds, exhaust gas recirculators and resonators. All XHT grades exhibit excellent flow and are regrindable, allowing excess material to be reprocessed, thus improving production efficiency.

Ascend will also introduce a new portfolio of PA610 and PA612 long-chain polyamides. With low moisture absorption, high chemical and UV resistance, Ascend’s LCPA are engineered for a variety of applications, including monofilaments, battery seals, cable ties, automotive cooling and fuel connectors, and sporting goods.

The company is also expanding into high-temperature polyamides. Ascend’s new HTPA grades offer higher strength, stiffness, chemical- and temperature-resistance for metal replacement and high-heat automotive applications.

Ascend Performance Materials is a global premium provider of high-quality plastics, fibers and chemicals and is the world’s largest integrated producer of PA66 resin. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Ascend has nine global locations, including five fully-integrated manufacturing facilities located in the southeastern United States and an engineering plastics compounding facility in Europe, all dedicated to the innovation and safe production of nylon 6,6.


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