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Nissan and EDF Group partner to accelerate EV adoption and grid integration across Europe

Nissan and EDF Group have signed a cooperation agreement to accelerate the delivery of electric mobility, particularly through the smart charging of electric vehicles. This agreement applies to the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Italy.

The cooperation agreement focuses mainly on developing smart charging solutions (vehicle to grid, or V2G) by bringing together technologies developed and mastered by both companies. Smart charging refers to technologies that optimise the charging or discharging of an electric vehicle in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

As part of the cooperation agreement, Nissan is responsible for the sale of V2G compatible electric vehicles, and EDF Group in charge of V2G charging solutions and related services.

The agreement follows a previous partnership in the UK between EDF Energy and Nissan. Signed last year, the two organizations agreed to collaborate around the development of shared offerings in the areas of electric mobility, smart charging, second-life battery use, energy storage and renewable energy sources.


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