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As part of a new business an capital alliance between Toyota Motor Corporation and Subaru Corporation, Subaru will expand the use of the the Toyota Hybrid System in other Subaru models, following on the Crosstrek Hybrid (earlier post, which is available only in North America.)

Subaru and Toyota first agreed on a business collaboration in 2005. (Earlier post.) The partnership between Toyota and Subaru has included contract production by Subaru of Toyota vehicles and supply by Toyota of vehicles to Subaru, as well as joint development of the rear-wheel-drive Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ sports car models.

With vast changes enveloping the automotive industry, which is being called on to respond to the new domains of CASE (connected, autonomous/automated, shared, and electric), Toyota and Subaru disclosed in June this year that they have agreed to jointly develop a platform dedicated to battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) and to jointly develop a BEV model, both of which will employ Subaru’s AWD technologies and Toyota’s vehicle electrification technologies. (Earlier post.)

In this once-in-a-century period of profound transformation, by strengthening their bonds and aligning their capabilities, Toyota and Subaru aim to pursue driving enjoyment in the CASE era and to make ever-better cars beyond what either company has been able to achieve thus far.

Furthermore, to deepen their relationship and to strengthen their ties toward advancing to the next stage while respecting the identity of each other’s brand, the two companies have agreed that Toyota will increase its equity stake in Subaru and that Subaru will acquire shares in Toyota.

Under the new alliance, the partners will also:

  • Jointly develop all-wheel-drive models that offer the ultimate sensation in all-wheel driving.

  • Jointly develop the next-generation Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ.

  • Cooperate in the domain of connected vehicles and technical collaboration in the field of autonomous driving.

Based on the planned acquisition of shares, the additional shares to be acquired by Toyota would increase Toyota’s current 16.83% of voting rights in Subaru to a minimum of 20%, with Subaru foreseen to become an affiliated company of Toyota.



Subaru could soon become part of the TMC group and benefit from Toyota's fast experience and knowhow? Toyota will also benefit from Subaru's experience.

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