Prodrive opens new advanced Powertrain Development Center; 660 kW transient dyno
BYD 60-foot battery-electric bus completes full Altoona Pass/Fail test

Medium/heavy trucks were 4% of the US vehicle population in 2017 but accounted for 26% of fuel use

Trucks in the medium/heavy truck category include tractor trailers, also known as combination trucks, and single-unit trucks. In the most recent year for which data are available, combination trucks made up only 1% of the truck population but were responsible for 6% of all vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and 17% of vehicle fuel use.

Single-unit trucks were 3% of the truck population and 3% of VMT, while making up 9% of vehicle fuel use.


Source: U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Highway Statistics 2017, Washington, DC, March 2019, Table VM-1.



We can make progress with trucks.


It is in trucks and other heavy vehicles where the advantages of fuel cells and hydrogen are most pronounced.

In my due they are likely to do more to reduce emissions than BEV cars.


Given the amount of fuel they use and pollution they produce,
we can do better. Nikola could make a short haul BEV tractor
then work on the fuel cell long haul model.

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