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Bombardier Transportation selects Leclanché SA as preferred global provider of battery systems to power rail transportation

Mobility solution provider Bombardier Transportation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Leclanché, a provider of energy storage systems to the transportation industry. Bombardier Transportation will use Leclanché’s 100% European manufactured cells (GNMC & LTO), module and pack technology across its extensive portfolio of trains. The collaboration between Leclanché & Bombardier will reduce the industry’s dependence on diesel engines and lead to a subsequent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by the railway sector.

After the imminent delivery of the first performance demonstrator battery systems, the contract will enable Leclanché to become the selected supplier for a potential business revenue of more than €100 million over the next 5 years, delivering battery systems for about 10 different railway projects.

This partnership will also accelerate the shift from lead-acid batteries to Lithium-ion cells. Due to the advantages of Lithium-ion batteries, it is estimated that Lithium-ion battery systems will become the largest share of the train battery market by 2025. Independent studies predict that the demand for rail battery capacity will increase by 400% from now until 2025.


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