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StreetScooter brings on Tesla, Ford execs to focus on growth, internationalization

Electric commercial vehicle manufacturer StreetScooter continues to focus its management on growth and internationalization. Two internationally experienced top managers from the automotive industry are now joining the management team. As the new Chief Growth Officer, Tesla Director Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen will be responsible for the further growth and development of StreetScooter’s international sales organization and its innovative energy and logistics services.

Ford manager Ulrich Stuhec will be taking on the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and driving product development and new platform and technology development, including autonomous driving. He will also be responsible for the China expansion of StreetScooter. The current CTO Fabian Schmitt will take on a new role in the company.

Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen was part of the first European Tesla team and was instrumental in transforming the company from a small start-up to a global heavyweight in electric vehicle production. In particular, he developed a number of key markets for Tesla, including Norway, Japan and the Middle East.

Ulrich Stuhec, who has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, played a key role in driving the development of autonomous vehicles at Ford Motor Company in the US.


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