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Electrify Canada to install EV chargers at select Canadian Tire stores

Electrify Canada will launch its nation-wide electric vehicle (EV) charging network with more than 20 installations planned to roll out at select Canadian Tire locations across Canada.

The initiative is expected to help make Canadian Tire Corporation one of the leading EV charging station hosts in Canada with charging stations at select Canadian Tire locations in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec.

Charging stations at all Electrify Canada locations will offer the first certified liquid cooled-cable 150 to 350-kilowatt (kW) DC Fast Chargers. All EVs compatible with CCS or CHAdeMO charging outlets will be able to access the ultra-fast charging systems with the latest charging technology available.

Electrify Canada’s chargers offer charging speeds of 50kW and 150-350kW that service EVs from all automotive manufacturers. All EVs, regardless of maximum charging capacity, can utilize the 150-350W range chargers. This could ultimately culminate in a nationwide EV infrastructure that brings electric mobility to all Canadians.

Electrify Canada was established in July 2018. Electrify Canada’s goal is to promote greater Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) adoption by building a transformative, ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) direct current (DC) charging infrastructure that gives Canadians the speed and reliability to confidently make the switch to electric.



Many more high speed public charging facilities are required for EV current and future owners without home chargers?

With near future affordable extended range BEVs (600 Km and over) and more nearby 350 kW public charging facilities, we may soon buy one?


Many existing gas stations are also being equipped with quick charge facilities.

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