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St@rtec Développement & Exoes create JV for high-performance batteries: e-Mersiv

St@rtec Développement and Exoes have formed a Joint Venture to develop high-performance batteries for automotive applications as well as specialty electric vehicles.

St@rtec Developpement specializes in Li-ion batteries and Exoes specializes in thermal management technology and know-how. Together, they have created the joint venture e-Mersiv.

St@rtec Developpement is a group of companies, based in Mérignac, France, which designs and provides technologies for the energy transition today and tomorrow. Being an expert for more than 20 years in the electronic engineering of embedded systems as well as in Lithium and NiMH batteries (15 years), St@rtec specializes in the hybridization of energy sources, their storage and their distribution through, among other, intelligent BMS, thus ensuring efficient and secure battery management while optimizing their lifetime.

Exoes provides advanced thermal management technologies and fluid transfer in two markets: e-powertrains and reduction of thermal engine emissions.


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