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Toyota to show production-ready ultra-compact BEV at 2019 Tokyo Motor Show; introducing new BEV business model

Toyota Motor will display its new, production-ready Ultra-compact BEV (battery electric vehicle) at the FUTURE EXPO special exhibition of the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show ahead of the vehicle’s planned commercial launch in Japan in 2020. The next-generation mobility solution is designed to provide short-distance mobility while limiting impact on the environment.


Ultra-compact BEV

The ultra-compact, two-seater BEV is specifically designed to meet the daily mobility needs of customers who make regular, short-distance trips such as the elderly, newly licensed drivers, or business-people visiting local customers. It can be driven a range of approximately 100 km on a single charge, reach a maximum speed of 60 km/h, and features an extremely short turning radius.

Toyota is also pairing its planned 2020 launch of the Ultra-compact BEV with a new business model that aims to promote the wider adoption of battery electric vehicles in general.


Toyota’s proposed BEV business model

This includes examining every step of the battery’s life, from manufacture through sale, resale or re-use, and recycling to maximize its value. In the near term, Toyota will focus on expanded leasing initiatives designed to recapture used batteries for evaluation and re-use as appropriate in pre-owned vehicles, as service parts, or even in non-automobile applications. Toyota is also developing peripheral services for battery electric vehicles such as recharging stations and insurance.

In addition, Toyota is exploring applications for its compact, short-distance BEVs beyond individual mobility. For example, the ultra-compact BEV in particular is well-suited to meet the mobility needs of municipalities working to create safe, unrestricted, and environmentally-friendly transportation options in urban or mountainous communities. To date, Toyota is already engaged with approximately 100 corporate and government partners to explore new transportation models that would include BEVs such as the Ultra-compact BEV, and is in ongoing discussions with others.

Ticketed Tokyo Motor Show attendees will be able to experience a range of Toyota’s ultra-compact BEV mobility solutions at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show OPEN ROAD exhibit. The Toyota i-ROAD and three different Walking Area BEVs will be available for test rides along the 1.5 km long path connecting Aomi and Ariake.



Sounds like a reasonable neighbourhood vehicle, although very slow at <= 60 kph.
I think the problem will be selling them, as who would want one ?
My brain might say yes, but my heart would have other ideas.
Maybe stick a solar panel on the roof and go for the ultra green crowd.

Maybe get the speed up to 70 or 80 kph.


With very low speed and range, wouldn't that be more suited as a neighboring fenced community car?


NEVs are allowed outside gated communities, they are not golf carts.


On highways at 60 kph?


When I read the title of this article, I thought that maybe Toyota was serious about making a Battery Electric Vehicle but then I read the specs. This is a bad joke. Maybe, it has some place in Japan but it would never sell in North America and would never meet the basic safety standards.


NEV is 45 mph, look up the term.

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