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XALT Energy introduced a new low-profile, high-energy-density battery pack for commercial vehicles at Busworld 2019. The flat, scalable package offers easier installation of new powertrain technologies. Production is to begin in 2021 with existing cell chemistry; the pack is upgradable with new cell chemistries under development.


The XPAND Low Profile (XLP) Pack can be installed in buses, trucks and trains in spaces where height or depth is limited. At 185 mm high, 612 mm wide and available lengths of between 360-1080 mm depending on the energy capacity, the XLP Pack is designed to fit securely within the frame rails of new and existing medium and heavy trucks and buses.

The design eliminates the need for OEM manufacturers to redesign and raise the floor of delivery trucks and buses in order to accommodate the high amount of energy storage required for long-range applications.

The XLP Pack can be mounted horizontally or vertically, providing even greater packaging flexibility. This low-profile option, coupled with XALT’s proven battery management system architecture, offers flexible, fast-charging, clean power options for vehicles used extensively in large urban areas.

Similar to other products in XALT’s XPAND portfolio, the XLP Pack is direct liquid-cooled, can be connected in series up to 1250V per string and has an IP67 rated enclosure. The pack design accommodates side or bottom mounted interface brackets. Standard configurations for the XLP Pack will include one, two or three cell subpacks within a single enclosure with further packaging customization available.

The XLP Pack uses XALT Energy’s large format cell, which for years has been the cell of choice for very large marine energy storage systems. The XLP pack will be launched with high-energy electrochemistry and precision manufacturing processes to create modules with energy densities in excess of 260 Wh/l, and specific energies greater than 210 Wh/kg. The pack is also fully compatible with higher-power and medium-power versions of XALT’s large format cells as well as the company’s next generation of very high-power energy cells.

XALT and Freudenberg Sealing Technologies are jointly focused on the development and support of new electric powertrain solutions for heavy duty and commercial applications in urban environments. While a recent World Resource Institute report indicates that the number of electric buses in use in global cities has increased 80-fold between 2011 and 2017, concerns about the reliability, range, charging times and cost of such systems remain. XALT’s XPAND family of heavy-duty lithium-ion battery systems are designed to resolve these concerns.

As a fully-integrated, fully-automated, lithium-ion battery manufacturer, XALT handles every aspect of system production from cell research, design and manufacturing to pack design and final assembly. The company’s 460,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Midland is the largest industrial facility in Freudenberg’s global portfolio. Since its construction eight years ago, the plant has implemented premium quality control programs, efficient production processes that are supported by high-end robotic stacking and vision systems and class 10,000 (ISO 7) and class 1,000 (ISO 6) clean rooms. The company’s vertical integration facilitates complete material tracking, testing and traceability. Freudenberg will continue to invest in system and equipment upgrades at the world-class facility going forward, said Jeff Michalski, CEO, XALT Energy.

XALT has tripled its production of lithium ion battery systems during 2019 as it ramps up operations to handle increasing industry demand for sustainable powertrain options in the commercial vehicle sector. We continue to invest in the plant, its technology, and additional employees to ensure we can fully meet the expectations of our current and future battery customers. This is an exciting time for XALT as the application of the company’s NMC/Graphite battery systems continues to grow across a variety of sectors.

—Jeff Michalski

XALT Energy will launch production of the XLP Pack with existing cell technology in its Midland operations in 2021.

In addition to the new XLP Packs, XALT is displaying its proprietary 43Ah SHP cell technology, its XPAND Energy Storage System and telematics at Busworld.


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