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ArcelorMittal is adding to its family of advanced high strength steels (AHSS) for the auto industry with the development of Fortiform 980 Extragal (-GI) in North America.


With the second generation of steels, body engineers had some limitations in using the higher strength grades for parts that play a role in energy absorption or parts that were complex in shape. The use of Fortiform eliminates this limitation. Because of their high corrosion protection capacity and surface quality, Extragal coated products are recommended for numerous automotive applications, for both exposed and non-exposed parts.

The new Fortiform 980 Extragal (-GI) range of AHSS for cold stamping combines superior formability and ductility at higher strengths that exceed the capabilities of the second-generation AHSS, thus opening up significant new opportunities for AHSS in body engineering. This is a crucial advantage as carmakers come under pressure to further lighten vehicles as a part of their strategy to improve fuel economy.

—Hassan Ghassemi-Armaki, lead research engineer, Global Research and Development, East Chicago

Because of its superior properties, Fortiform 980 Extragal could help achieve weight savings of up to 20% compared to conventional AHSS while meeting the increasingly stringent crash and safety requirements. This grade is suitable for use in many structural parts of the vehicle that are affected during impact, including front and rear rails.

—Qaiser Khan, senior engineer, Global Research and Development, East Chicago

Fortiform 980 Extragal is compatible with the current welding systems used in the industry. The product was engineered to mitigate the challenges typical of higher strength AHSS such as liquid metal embrittlement and optimum weld strength. ArcelorMittal has studied four welding types of resistance spot-welding, laser welding, MIG brazing and gas metal arc welding with no signs of surface cracks in critical zones.

Fortiform 980 Extragal joins grades Fortiform 1050 (available in Europe only) and Fortiform 1180. Fortiform 980 Extragal is currently available in North America only. It will be launched in Europe soon.



Sounds good, if not earth shaking.
20% lighter (in how much of the body ?) can't be a bad thing.

Unless it costs significantly more...

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