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Subaru unveils Levorg Prototype with new 1.8L boxer engine at Tokyo Motor Show 2019

Subaru Corporation unveiled the Subaru Levorg Prototype at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019. The concept for the second-generation of the Levorg features a newly developed 1.8L horizontally-opposed direct-injection turbo engine. The first-generation version, which launched in the Japanese market in 2014, offered 1.6L or 2.0L engines.



The new Boxer turbo engine with lean-burn technology balances acceleration and environmental performance at a high level. It also brings superior dynamic quality with its strong torque.

The Levorg also moves to the Subaru Global Platform with full inner frame construction.

The all-new Levorg wagon takes full advantage of Subaru’s latest technologies:

  • Next-generation EyeSight. Realizes 360° sensing using four radars, including a newly developed stereo camera with a wider angle. The operating range of the pre-crash brake has been expanded to the beginning of encounters at intersections with poor visibility and right / left turns.

  • High-Definition map and vehicle locator. The locator precisely detects the vehicle position by utilizing information from GPS and Michibiki (Quasi-Zenith Satellite System). In combination with high-definition map data, the vehicle recognizes the shape of highway ahead, reduces speed before going into a curve and assists hands-free driving in traffic congestion.

  • Connected services. (First time in Subaru for Japan market) As “Connected Safety,” the Advanced Automatic Collision Notification system automatically sends an alert to an operator who immediately contacts the fire department and police department to request for a rescue and also coordinates with cooperating hospital for prompt lifesaving, when it detects a big impact from a collision. The vehicle also gets connected to an operator by a push of the button in case of emergency such as driver’s medical problems.


The production version of the new Levorg is scheduled to go on sale in the Japan market in the second half of calendar year 2020.



The cost of lean NOx aftertreatment capable of meeting U.S. Tier 3/CARB LEVIII emissions will ensure that this never makes it to the U.S.

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