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Anglo American orders nine 100 kW Ballard fuel cell modules for mining truck demo project

Ballard Power Systems announced receipt of a purchase order for 9 of its FCveloCity-HD 100 kilowatt (kW) fuel cell modules from Anglo American’s platinum business, the world’s largest platinum group metals mining company and a strategic investor in Ballard.

Eight of the FCveloCity-HD modules will power a retrofitted Ultra heavy-duty mining truck in a demonstration project during 2020 at one of Anglo American’s mining operations in South Africa (with the final module maintained as a spare). Following this, Anglo American expects to deploy similar trucks, each with megawatt (MW) scale fuel cell power, at other operations around the world.

Anglo American is working with ENGIE on the project. The modifications to the existing truck include replacing the diesel tank with hydrogen tanks, and replacing the engine with hydrogen fuel cells and a battery pack. The Komatsu trucks already feature an electric drive.

The hydrogen will be provided by the solar power generation capacity at the mining site.



FCLEV trucks using clean H2 produced with local solar panels or wind turbines could be mandated in the mining industry (and tar sands operation) and on North American rail roads to replace diesel ICE using fossil fuel and reduce pollution and GHGs?


And people thought the Hummer looked butch!

I want one as the ultimate Chelsea tractor!


Some mining trucks have been shown able to recharge batteries on the long downhill return journey which in large pits can be some kilometres long. Saves on brakes so safer while supplying extra power for the uphill journey. Suggests adjusting the battery capacity on these would make sense.


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This looks like a good application for H2 FC vehicles.
1. Infrastructure, no problem: Remote mines are required to ship in large quantities of diesel fuel, so once you build the generation structure you own the energy infrastructure.
2. Mining trucks typically use AC induction drive systems (no change needed except additional batteries (the ENGIE truck will have 900 kW FC - so needs to up power to 2400 kW). Reference: check Caterpillar 795F AC.
3. For Anglo American platinum mines looks like good advertising.

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