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Navistar, a leading maker of commercial vehicles, has launched a new business unit, NEXT eMobility Solutions, to deliver customized electrification solutions in the truck and school bus markets.

Vehicles developed by NEXT will be offered under the International Truck and IC Bus nameplates and will be sold and supported by International Truck and IC Bus dealers, respectively. Using NEXT as a catalyst for implementation, Navistar plans to have IC Bus electric school buses available at the end of 2020, while International medium-duty electric trucks will be introduced in early 2021.

NEXT has established a “four Cs” approach to developing eMobility solutions:

  • Consulting, using experts in commercial truck engineering, charging infrastructure, telematics and more to craft a custom implementation plan for each customer’s business, while optimizing each product for its usage and duty cycle.

  • Constructing the vehicle, taking advantage of Navistar’s world-class commercial vehicle manufacturing capability.

  • Charging, with solutions designed and delivered to each customer through new partnerships.

  • Connecting, using advanced solutions including Navistar’s OnCommand Connection telematics and remote diagnostics platform, to monitor vehicle performance and provide support through the International and IC Bus service networks, the most extensive in the North American commercial transportation industry.

The NEXT team will be led by Gary Horvat, Navistar’s vice president for eMobility. He brings extensive electric vehicle experience from both the automotive and technology startup space. Horvat led technology development for the electric bus product line of Proterra, Inc., where his team set a world record for the longest range of any electric vehicle. He was also responsible for the development and application of powertrain and electrical components at Denso International, and before that, led improvements to Fisker Automotive’s extended-range electric vehicle.

NEXT eMobility Solutions exhibited a prototype electric version of the International MV Series medium-duty vehicle—the eMV—at the North American Commercial Vehicle show in Atlanta.

The International eMV Series concept is based on the production version of the diesel-powered International MV Series. The truck features a redesigned aerodynamic hood for superior visibility and is powered by an electric motor with peak power of more than 474 kW (645 HP) allowing it to be able to pull any load required. The continuous power is 300 kW. The system, exclusive to Navistar, enables peak efficiency across the entire operating range.

The vehicle was designed to accommodate multiple battery capacity options that range from 107 to 321 kWh. Navistar believes customers operating a truck with a 321 kWh battery in typical pickup and delivery cycles should expect to be able to travel up to 250 miles on a single charge.



Too bad batteries performances have not progressed faster towards 800+ Wh/Kg required for extended range heavy trucks/buses and short range e-planes?

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