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One of China’s top new energy vehicle brands to use BorgWarner’s Integrated Drive Module

BorgWarner announced a partnership with one of China’s leading New Energy Vehicle (NEV) brands to supply the fully integrated drive module (iDM) for an all-electric vehicle. This partnership represents BorgWarner’s first iDM project in China.

BorgWarner’s electric vehicle system solution integrates highly efficient power electronics with an advanced transmission system and drive motor featuring the award-winning high-voltage hairpin stator. The electric vehicle equipped with the BorgWarner iDM is expected to go into mass production in 2021.


Fully integrated, highly efficient and light weight, the BorgWarner iDM product family is available in three different power levels (iDM 90, iDM 120, iDM 160) and is easy to integrate either at the front or rear axle of electric vehicles depending on the architecture and application.

The key benefits of the iDM include its scalable and modular architecture and wide range of gear ratios and electric motor sizes available. Operating at 220 to 480 volts of direct current (VDC), iDM provides up to 150 kW power and up to 3000 N·m torque, which can be further extended to 160 kW and 3800 N·m as needed for different vehicle platforms.

The advanced electric drive product offers smooth and quiet operation and the patented hairpin-wound stator motor technology delivers exceptional performance with superior noise, vibration and harshness characteristics.

The iDM module is suited for Class A and A+ passenger vehicles and SUVs. All components used in the iDM are part of BorgWarner’s technology portfolio; components are available as a fully integrated module or as stand-alone solutions.

In addition, the iDM offers full software functionality with an option for the high-level control of vehicle dynamics and energy management. The software architecture meets current market requirements and is easy to adapt to common platforms such as AUTOSAR, as well as allowing safety aspects such as ASIL D to be achieved.

To handle the increasing volume of data exchange within modern vehicle systems, BorgWarner’s state-of-the-art power electronics can be used with a CAN or CAN FD bus and flexray.


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