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Bosch and Nanalysis to develop portable NMR products for applications such as on-board fuel analysis for cargo ships

Nanalysis Scientific Corp. has entered into a collaboration agreement with Robert Bosch GmbH jointly to develop products for the growing industrial Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) market for applications such as on-board fuel analyzers for cargo ships, driven by new international environmental standards against dirty fuels. Bosch will distribute the products.

The collaborative work begins this month; the joint development effort is expected to result in a marketable device by December 2021. A sales agreement will be negotiated at that time.

I am very pleased to be working with Nanalysis Scientific. Bosch is a global leader in measuring device miniaturization for application-specific industrial use cases and smart analyzers. We anticipate that within the next seven years, NMR technology will be prevalent in industrial environments such as manufacturing facilities, mobile labs, shipping vessels, trucks, cars, and phones. We have short-, medium-, and long-term commercial objectives and we believe that working with Nanalysis is a win-win opportunity to take miniaturized application-specific products to market under the Bosch brand.

—Dr. Reiner Krapf of the Agile Innovations group at Bosch

Nanalysis has specialized in developing highly homogenous compact NMR magnets since 2009 with the motivation of increasing the use of NMR spectroscopy into a large number of applications by increasing making instruments that were affordable, accessible and automatable.

NMR spectroscopy is used for elucidating molecular structure by providing evidence of the type, number, and connectivity of the constituents composing a molecule. For traditional superconducting spectrometers, access to this technique is typically limited to a central NMR facility. While the benchtop NMR is not meant to replace a high-field NMR spectrometer fully, there a number of applications where benchtop NMR can be used.

Nanalysis’ NMReady-60 was the first fully featured portable NMR spectrometer in a single compact enclosure requiring no liquid helium or any other cryogens. The company has followed-up that initial offering with new products and continues to have a strong innovation pipeline.

The company recently announced that it will begin selling a 100MHz device in early 2020. The Company’s new device will be the most powerful non-cryogen, permanent magnet NMR device ever brought to market.


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