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BMW i Ventures invests in ELISE; generative engineering software

BMW i Ventures announced an investment in ELISE, a deep-tech startup developing generative engineering software aimed at automating the product development process. The new funding will be used to speed product development and market entry.

ELISE enables engineers to automate multiple time consuming steps of the product design process. We observed high efficiency gains during the initial usage at the BMW Group and are convinced that such achievements are also possible at scale throughout the rest of the organization.

—Tobias Jahn, principal at BMW i Ventures

ELISE aims to change fundamentally the process of how parts are designed. Today engineers usually start their product design journey on paper, imagining what a product could look like in the end. However, advances in additive manufacturing not only allow for many more degrees of freedom, but also for the development of entirely new shapes and structures.

ELISE starts by collecting the requirements of parts, such as its loadcases, size, costs etc. and subsequently helps a designer shape a product matching the ascribed parameters. ELISE also allows the engineer to include requirements from various other stakeholders, thereby eliminating lengthy feedback loops that stretch product development timelines.

In an exclusive beta phase with leading OEMs and Tier1s from the automotive and aerospace industry such as BMW, MAN, Ariane Group and Brose, ELISE has validated its software over the past 12 months and demonstrated a large value-add, saving engineers up to 90% of time in designing products.


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